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On a formal plane, the plastic construction is always done with a balance of vertical and horizontal lines; the vectorial of opposite linear signs is, so to speak, “softened” by the curved line which is always discreet, never redundant or baroque.

The “Cubism” in Mazzini takes Cézanne’s geometric division of the volumes more than the spatial simultaneity of Picasso: the resulting stillness evokes the metaphysical absence in De Chirico, but not the monumentality of the major part of twentieth-century sculpture …

Giorgio Bonomi, art critic, curator of the exhibition at the Sanctuary of San Damiano in Assisi and in the catalog, 1997.

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…In the experience of Mazzini the deep values of a cultural area jealous of its independence are highlighted because the artist and his works remain faithful to the consciousness of the linguistic research in which a non-descriptive Naturalism and a non-aesthetic and non- intellectual abstractism converge …

Mariano Apa, art critic, curator of the catalog and the exhibition at the Rocca Paolina in Perugia, 1993.

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…Romano Mazzini among the solid forms so much loved by Cézanne, chose like in a loving marriage, the sphere a volume and an archetype that he breaks, breaks down and puts back again with incessant and stubborn faith, under the white heat of the high, Solar temperatures …

Antonio Carlo Ponti, art critic.

…Nature, communication and breakdowns affect the tone of a single score that can make the most sensitive chords of the human soul vibrate. In Mazzini the relationship with nature is one with his own inner nature and his expression, it is his main concern…

Giuseppe Maradei, art critic.

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…In his long experience he has explored the most varied lines of research and themes. The theme of the sacred, for example, has always fascinated him even when he was engaged in elaborate commissions, however, looking at his work it is clear that mannerism rarely prevailed in him …

Massimo Duranti, art critic.

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…In truth, I have always tried to stay in cultural touch with this artist who, with his sculptural work, honors ceramics in Romagna, in the area of Umbria and throughout Italy…

Carlo Zauli, sculptor.

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…A reserved man, with a deep and non-denominational sense of religions, filled with love for people, animals, things …. He can not be categorized. According to his inspiration, to the mood of the moment, he pirouettes from abstract to figurative, from ‘Impressionism to naive …
Marco Rufini, writer.

Friends , colleagues and critics describe the artist Romano Mazzini as follows:

…In thirty years You have always created with the stubbornness , the reserve, the sensitivity of youth…
I just want to dedicate you a wish and a thought of our dear old Brancusi : “Quand nous ne sommes plus des enfants, nous sommes déjà morts.

Damiano C. Leone, writer and critic.